Sajek Valley Bike Trip Adventure and Thrilling Story

Sajek Valley is an emerging tourist spot in Bangladesh situated among the hills of Kasalong range of mountains in Sajek union, Baghaichhari Upazila in Rangamati District. The valley is 1800 feet above sea level. Sajek valley is known as the Queen of Hills & Roof of Rangamati. Source __WikiPedia

I live in Bogra, Bangladesh. From my home, Sajek Valley is more than 520 km by road. From our online professional's community and the NBB Riders Facebook group, we decided to ride all the way to Sajek by MotorCycles. 😀

And that's why I purchased a new motorcycle which is Sujuki Gixxer MotoGP Edition. It's price is upto $3400 here.

My New Bike Sujuki Gixxer MotoGP Edition

Our Journey From Bogra To Sajek Valley

So, guess what this tour was full of adventure, thrilling and full of fun with my new bike. As planned before, all the tour participant and bike riders came in front of my office at the time we start our journey. Here is the picture:

After riding almost 8 hours we reached at Dhaka city and stopped there for a tea break, and the crew started moving again as soon as possible. We passed Dhaka city as soon as possible and stopped at Narayanganj for dinner three more riders joined us there. When we finished dinner it was almost 2:30 midnight. We started riding again…

Our Next stop was Comilla, we freshen up there and eat some snacks.

It was the sun rising time when we started moving from Comilla.

Unfortunately one of our riders started facing trouble with his bike after we pass the heavy traffic jam at Feni highway so we had to stop there again to repair his bike. The team leader was helping him to find the mechanic there and during the break, I was so tired to lay down on the street lol. Check this photos.

Unfortunately, the biker didn't found the mechanic there as it was too early at morning. So, we started riding again without repairing, luckily it wasn't a big trouble so he could move with his bike slowly. It started raining on the road for the second time so we used our raincoat.

After riding almost 2 hours we reached hat and there we found the motorcycle mechanic, so he could repair his bike. And it was a very simple problem so he fixed it within 10 minutes lol. In this opportunity, few other bikers also tuned up their bikes. And we've passed 1 hour boring time there. But the adventure is just about to start. 😀

Mountain Riding Started

Almost 16 hours passed since we've started our journey. We are so much tired, exhausted and felt sleepy… But the mountain riding starts here. We headed for Khagrachori District and we started enjoying the ride once again. Here are some pictures when we started the mountain riding.

After riding at Khagarachori road for almost 2.5 hours, we've reached Khagrachori district. There we've finished our breakfast and lunch in one meal 😛

II couldn't keep my eyes open anymore, it was 2:30 pm when we finished eating at Khagrachori. I started to have a headache and I started losing control over my eyes, I couldn't keep it open anymore. And when I checked our destination at google maps I was surprised to see that we still have upto 3 hours mountain road remaining.

As much as I love riding bikes on mountain roads my tiredness become one of my main concnerned. As you might know that I recently recovered from a big deasese so my body needs more hybernation. So, I thought let's try to sleep for 20 minutes on the table, at least I will have a brain restart ha ha ha. And luckily that worked! After 20 minutes I saw someone is calling me for getting ready for the final ride. I wake up after 20 minutes, washed my eyes and I feel good. It was like a trick with my brain.

Khagrachori To Sajek Ride

When we started our final ride, it started raining. The raining water made me more fresh and I started the ride again with full of energy and thirilling mode.


Riding again with full of energy.


mountain bike riding sajek

Just keep riding…

Keep going… Keep going…

Finally Reached Sajek Valley After 24 Hours

And Yesssssssss!!!!! Finally we reached at top of the Sajek valley.

Reached at Sajek Valley

Yeah! the team made it! And cloud welcomed us there. When we reached sajek, it was 4:23 o clock.

Our team reached at sajek valley after 24 hours.

It wasn't possible without the teamwork!

Our group made it together. The planning and inspiration of Farhad Hossain helped us a lot.

Exploring Sajek Valley

After we reached there at the longest and toughest journey of our life, we went to our courage and started enjoying the rain and the cool weather of Sajek. After the evening, we could see the cloud flowing inside our room. The cloud seems like white smoke but when you breathe it inside, it feels like wet air. When everyone was busy to freshen up, I went to the balcony of our resort and I loved breathing the cloud inside of my lungs closing my eyes. The rain made the environment just awesome.

When I came out of my bathroom I saw everyone was very tired so most of them felt sleep within 9 pm before the dinner. But I was enjoying the weather standing alone on the balcony, and I was frequently checking if the dinner is ready. But the chef was cooking it. So I thought let walk around the place and talk with some local people here. So, I went to a grocery shop and made a short conversation with them about their lifestyle. I like to meet new people 🙂

Once the dinner is ready I call everyone to eat the dinner and then sleep. All of us enjoyed the meal.

Morning At Sajek Valley

Me, Ratan brother and Rafi wake up at 4:30 am as we were very excited to explore the full place. We made noise so everyone could wake up and join us the morning walk. Unfortunately, only 3 team members couldn't raise in the morning.

Our fresh morning at Sajek Valley

Our fresh morning at Sajek Valley

After watching the sun raise we started exploring Sajek. Our team started walking to reach the highest place of Sajek and after few minutes we found a local shop. We brought some nut cookies, banana and finished our breakfast. End of the breakfast we were lucky to have the tea there 😉

Breakfast at Sajek

Yeah! it's breakfast time. Give me more banana I am hungry. ha ha ha, look at my eating style. 😛

The team finished breakfast and started climbing the hill again.

Beauty Of Sajek Valley

It's me at Sajek hill just pretending to be Oliver Queen of Dc Comics. lol

Here is our way towards the paradise of beauty. By the way, why everyone is giving pose like that? 😛


The local people of Sajek valley

The local people of Sajek valley


Me and Mizan vai making fun with Farhad hossain

Me and Mizan vai making fun with Farhad hossain

After exploring Sajek we cam back to our resort than we prepared our backpack to start riding towards home. We had a couple of stoppage on the road. The returning journey was more thrilling because we already knew the road.

Alutila Guha Khagrachari

On the returning way, we went to “Alutila Guha” of Khagrachari hill. Here is some photos.


Inside Alutila guha

We started riding again from there, within next 16 hours we've come to Dhaka and when we stopped at Dhaka for snacks it was 4 am. I started feely very sleepy at the morning. Tiredness made me afraid that I could lose my focus on the road and an accident can happen. So, Farhad Hossain vai asked Rafi to ride my bike and told me to sit on the back. But the flowing air made my tiredness deep and once I was so vulnerable that time. But thanks to Rafi he helped me to stay conscious more than 1 hour. After that, I could overcome the tiredness and started riding again until we reach home.

coffee time

This is the last photo I have taken at Shirajganj when we had a chance to drink coffee.

So, this was the full story. I will go to “Kuakata Sea Beach” very soon. I will tell you guys our Kuakata Seach Beach trip's story again in this blog. If you don't want to miss that story, you can subscribe and I will email you the important updates instantly.

End of the story here is a bonus video of Sajek Valley. It will take you there for 3 minutes. Don't miss this 😉

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