Facebook Retargeting Strategy For Internet Marketers

Facebook marketing is a good source for paid traffic. At the same time it is costly.

But if you do it efficiently then it can be a traffic gold mine for you.

Using facebook retargeting strategy you can follow up your traffic and keep your customers engaged with your business.

But how can you do remarketing? Watch this video for step by step process:

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Facebook Remarketing Pixel

Your first step is installing the facebook remarketing pixel code on your website or product page.

Once you install the facebook pixel it will start cookie tracking of your visitors.

After that you need to create an audience list of the people who visit your website or a specific url.

When your audience size exceed more than 20 people you can start retargeting them with facebook ads.

How Facebook Remarketing Works?

Let's explain the facebook remarketing workflow with a diagram

Facebook Remarketing workflow diagram

This diagram shows the workflow of facebook retargeting or remarketing ad strategy.

You can see on the diagram that facebook remarketing ad works in three steps:

  1. First a visitor landed on your website or landing page.
  2. You track the visitor's interaction with your website.
  3. Then you do remarketing to them offering a discount if they are interested to purchase the product or you can also keep the customer engaged and offer new products if he/she is already purchased or completed your conversion goal.

User Interaction Tracking With Facebook Retargeting Pixel

You can retarget your audience depending on their interaction on your website. Here is the list of visitor interaction that facebook pixel can track:

  1. View Content: facebook pixel can track who viewed your contents.
  2. Purchase or Initiated Checkout: You can track who purchased your product or just initiated checkout.
  3. Generate Lead: Facebook pixel can be fired whenever you've got a lead.
  4. Add to Cart: If you have a eCommerce website you can track who added products to their cart.
  5. Add to Wishlist: Customers shorted products to wishlist can be tracked by facebook pixel.
  6. Search: You can track if someone searched for specific products/article/post on your website or eCommerce store.

After tracking user interactions you can show them specific and most relevant ads depending on their interest and intention.

Such as if someone viewed the content but didn't took any action you can try to motivate in different way to take action.

Or if someone added a product to their cart but didn't initiated the checkout you can offer that user 10% discount if they purchase the product now.

Even if someone initiated the checkout but didn't completed the order you can show that user: “Hey you've completed the checkout but we need some information to process your delivery, please complete your order here”

I hope you get the idea that remarketing strategy is powerful enough to increase conversion on your website.

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