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About RM Rey

My full name is Reyazul Masud Riham, I shortened it to Rey.  I'm 22 years old Entrepreneur & Internet Marketer dude lucky enough to know how to make good money online.

I share my internet marketing knowledge, strategy, and last 5 years Online carrier's experience in this blog. Besides knowledge sharing, I inspire and empower people to earn money online with my proven way and strategy. But all this came after lots of trial and error. I failed many times and started over again but I didn't lose hope. It took lots of struggle & effort for achieving this position.

Now my online carrier allows me to enjoy financial freedom and “free time” to spend with my family, friends and the people I love.

I also help startup, growing business and internet marketing team with consultation and building strategical road-map for them. I helped many people worldwide to start their first online earning and they doing really good now.


About RM Rey


My Story Involving in Online Business

I didn't born in a wealthy family. It was 2012 when I was a student and my age was only 16 I struggled a lot to do something besides my studies. So I could support my family. But I was really frustrated that time to find something reliable and something that has a good future. One day my friend gave me the idea of making money online. But the whole thing of making money online over internet seemed like big SCAM to me. It was very confusing at the beginning, all this pushy advertising looked unclassy. But one day my friend took me with him and showed me how much he earns from Google Adsense and Amazon Affiliate Marketing and proved the success possibility. From that day I never looked back!

This quote of Bill Gates motivates me so much:

If you are born poor its not your mistake, But if you die poor its your mistake. _Bill Gates

My Carrier

At the beginning of my carrier, I was working as a freelancer at freelancing marketplace so I can gather technical skills. I worked with more than 150 companies and individuals and researched a lot about their business and internet marketing strategy. At the beginning of 2014 with some of my team fellows, I started our online business here at Bangladesh.

I lead and manage our full team including web developers, graphics designer, internet marketers, customer support agents, and freelancers.

Doing all this I earned huge skill and experience. And finally, I have financial freedom! I can always do whatever I want to do. I can fulfill my family needs and spent quality times with my friends.

Now it's your turn to make your life better…

Personal Life and Hobby

I am just a normal person like you and other people around us, drinks lot of coffees, love to eat peanuts. My favorite hobby is traveling, testing new foods, riding bike, capturing photos and learning about new people and culture. Indian Biriyani, Italian pasta, Chicken and Meat BBQ are my favorite foods.

Why This Personal Blog?

I want to be as transparent as possible. Everything I learned from my failure in the journey of reaching this income level, I want to reveal that in this blog. I owe this to my good friends and subscribers. Don't get me wrong, show off my success is definitely not my purpose.

Both my failure story, success story, and experience will help you to do better and reach your goal if you are already doing business online.

If you are not doing business online but thinking about it, you can dig deeper here without paying someone and avoiding the SCAM possibilities.

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